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About Us

No matter what your background or circumstances in life, you belong here.

NorthRidge desires to make a lasting difference in your life, in the North Denver metro area, and in the world. We are devoted to celebrating, connecting and contributing to the story of God in living the everyday Gospel.

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Our Mission & Purpose


Our Mission:

Our desire is to glorify God by celebrating, connecting, and contributing to the Story of God in living the Everyday Gospel.

We define celebrating God’s Story as Everyday Worship:
Living in the victory of the life, sacrificial death, and resurrection of Jesus.
Encouraging others in living the everyday Gospel.
Embracing God’s Word as our source of faith and life

We define connecting to God’s Story as Everyday Discipleship:
Pursuing intentional relationships with others corporately and individually.
Empowering others to persevere in their faith through accountability.
Engaging others in the everyday Gospel in evangelism.

We define contributing to God’s Story as Everyday Stewardship:
Knowing and using our spiritual gifts in the local church.
Using our resources for kingdom ministry
Acknowledging our time is God’s-and giving it to him.

Our Purpose:

The purpose for which The Ridge Community Church is formed is exclusively religious, educational and charitable within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. More particularly stated, our statement of purpose is the following: NorthRidge Church is a life-giving body that engages people in the Story of God and encourages them to be a part of His family, equips them to grow into Christian maturity, and empowers them for ministry in the church and mission in the world, in order to magnify the name of God.

Our Values:

At NorthRidge Church, we have five values we list and define as follows:


Transformation is about what the Holy Spirit does in us when our lives are surrendered and less about behavior modification. We do not transform ourselves, but the Holy Spirit transforms us as we grow in grace and truth. Transformation is a process in us that is ongoing. This value is about our desire to live in obedience to God’s instructions and maintain a gospel-centered life. Our minds are renewed, and we allow God’s Word, and Spirit to change the way we think and act. We desire to see individuals, families, neighborhoods, communities, and the world transformed by the power of the Gospel.


Hospitality is treating others as equals by creating a place for them to feel welcomed, honored, protected and cared for. This is an important value in light of our calling as ambassadors of Christ to all mankind. When we properly exercise gospel hospitality, we draw people to God by demonstrating the love of Christ—and to be adopted into the family of God by surrendering their lives to Him . Our homes are to be lighthouses  in our neighborhoods where our neighbors can find hope, peace, and help in times of crisis. Hospitality is the open door for us to share the Gospel in everyday discipleship.


As followers of Jesus, we are to be confident in our faith and be able to share what we believe with others. When our lives reflect the transforming power of the Gospel, we will be asked why we believe what we believe. Knowing what and why we believe what we do and how it impacts our world will lead to opportunities to share the Gospel story with our sphere of influence. We will be able to give a defense of the Gospel with gentleness and respect.


God has created humanity to be community. He has not created us for isolation nor to live alone in our faith. Through relationships we are to encourage one another and reach out to those that are not followers of Jesus. Gospel Community displays the One who can bring identity and worth to our lives. We can exhibit this connectedness to a dark and hurting culture. Gospel Community is a witness to the world that we are Jesus’ disciples. It is in this community that we display authentically and sincerely the promise of forgiveness and hope of eternal life. This means that we live in the reality of God’s love and mercy and in recognition of our own sinfulness. There is transparency with humility and a motivation that Jesus be seen in our lives.


Prayer is what Christians and the church are supposed to be known for. Prayer is the way we declare that we believe that God is who he says he is, and will do what he says he will do. Prayer is a way of life, not just a Christian practice or part of a Christian worship service. Prayer declares that we are weak, and He is strong. Prayer shows that we believe we need the supernatural power of God’s presence to see our world transformed for His glory and good. We desire to be a praying church in all we do, and display our confidence and dependence in God

“Community matters. That’s about like saying oxygen matters. As our lungs require air, so our souls require only what community provides. We were designed to live in relationship. Without it, we die. It’s that simple. With out community where we know, explore, discover, and touch one another, we experience isolation and despair that drive us in wrong directions, that corrupt our effort to live meaningfully and to love well.”

– Larry Crab